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Under CalyPso VR

Developer: Human games

With this immersive game, you will be able to experience scenes in the daily life of a patient with psoriasis and the repercussions that this disease can have.You will be able to seduce an unknown charming girl or guy that you found on a social network.To do so, you will have to prove your adventurousness but primarily your self-confidence.So start playing! but remember that going to meet someone you don’t know is like... leaping into space!If you succeed, you’ll have earned the right to some great thrills! 1 - Unexpected visit:A friend visits you unexpectedly. You have 45 seconds to hide everything that could reveal your psoriasis.
2 - Gossip at work:You overhear a conversation between colleagues, clearly not everyone’s happy about your new job. How would you respond to that?
3 - Relaxation session:You’re a bit stressed, some time and space to relax will do you a world of good.
4 - At the hairdresser/barber:You need to feel reinvigorated, a change of hairstyle should do the trick.But this pleasant moment can quickly become tricky.
5 - Meeting in a café:That’s it! It’s D-day! But will you end up the winner in this seduction game? You have the ammunition to win, use it!
6 - The big leap:As you have confidence in yourself and others, you can leap... into space!Don’t be scared, a bungee will keep you tethered to solid ground.Thrills guaranteed!